Friday, August 31, 2007

it's no secret that i LOVE dr. suess books. i've never come across one of his books that i didn't like. i originally wanted to do my baby's nursery in dr. suess and have a whole suess library ready for when she is born. my favorite book (BY FAR) is "Oh The Places You'll Go!" but today i received in the mail a completely different kind of suess book: "Oh Baby, The Places You'll Go!" a book to be read in-utero. now, usually i am not sappy like this, but when i got this book and read it, both my mother and i were completely in tears!

it's still sinking in that this is happening. my life is completely inundated with baby stuff - whether i want it to be or not! between the physical symptoms (indigestion, lack of sleep, utter exhaustion, etc) and then the other stuff that other people bring into play (wanting to know everything that's going on, wanting to touch my belly and feel her move, etc), i am literally in baby world! it's just still strange to me that this is happening to ME, not one of my friends. MY child will be here in about 4 months and MY world will be rocked with sounds of crying, dirty diapers, and sleepless nights. (well, that's already the case!) but i am overwhelmed with the idea that i am about to be a mother and that i will soon be holding my baby girl. it blows my mind!

anyway, here's the cover of the book:

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