Saturday, July 28, 2007

so it's almost time to go home! this week has gone by pretty quickly. for the most part it's been really good. i love being able to come out here and catch up with good friends i only get to see a few times a year. i didn't play in a band this year -- the baby wouldn't allow it! "he's" really hardly allowing for anything much in this heat! yesterday i ended up having to spend the entire day in bed b/c of being (basically) over heated and exhausted! it's the hills that kill me!!! i am singing in TMI chorus - which has been interesting to say the least. i ended up doing a solo with the territorial songsters that went very well, i must say. especially with the fact that (1) i learned the song the night before i got up to sing it and (2) i almost passed out at the beginning of the concert! so i was pleased.

i started feeling the baby kick this week. that has been incredible! monday night was the first time i felt it: just like someone was tickling me under my skin! and since then, "he's" been going nuts!!! "he" either really likes it or really hates it when i sing, cause that's when i feel him most!

i got through Harry Potter in about 3 days. which, considering i've had classes most of the time, isn't bad!!!!! i was surprised at some of it! but over all i thought it was excellent! robert is insanely jealous that i got through it first. bless his heart!

i'm coming home monday. robert is driving the truck back and will be home tuesday. then we have to haul tail to get our house emptied of our furniture b/c we got an offer on it. they want to rent for 2 months then buy...hopefully they actually will buy it. but even if they don't, we're getting 2 months off our mortgage and it will still be on the market while they are renting. so no time lost there.

alright. sleepy time for me. i think that's about all i can say for right now. have a fabulous weekend!!!


Luke & Erin said...

Hope everything works out with the house. Can't wait until you get home!

Kristina Raines said...

It's a tickle right now....wait for the pushes and kicks. :) You'll definitely be able to tell what those are. Come home safely!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Brock! You, your mom and your aunt are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? I noticed you haven't written in a while.

Amanda said...

I miss you!!!