Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i spent the afternoon and evening at erin's helping out with the baby and mostly. the plan was to take the girls out to dinner and let them play a little at an indoor park but that plan didn't work out. the girls wanted to play with nina and papa - so i helped out with andrew. amber and i gave him his first bath at home, which was great! he peed on me...and everything else around him! he did NOT like being bathed. he screamed the entire time!!! but it was great!!!

it's awesome to have godchildren!!!


Kristina said...

Gotta love the pee thing. Best thing for it is to place either toilet paper or a wet wipe over him as soon as you get the diaper off because both will stay put (cause they're wet). It took a couple of weeks to "train" Caleb to go before I took the diaper off. :)This is a whole new world for Erin and her first little boy. :)

Luke & Erin said...

Thanks for all your help! Glad you could give him his first bath. You're an awesome Godmother!!! :-)