Sunday, June 10, 2007

WHEW!!!! this weekend is over!! it has been so exhausting! LONG days and not much sleep. it was awesome to have Talitha all weekend though. I am somewhat disappointed in myself, however, because i got NO pictures at all. that's disappointing. but she is such a good baby - i hada great time with her!

i missed territorial songsters more than i thought i would. i sat in on rehearsals on thursday night which was good. but it definitly made me miss it.

i hit week 9 yesterday. baby snelson is doing well. i have another appt tomorrow -- first of the regular OB appts. i graduated from the infertility clinic on tuesday! (insert pomp and circumstance here.) tomorrow i'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat for real. we heard it tuesday but it was very brief and completely unexpected so it took me a minute to figure out that what it was! stupid me!!!

anyway, all in all things here are okay. 7 more months until baby snelson graces us with his/her presence!

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