Tuesday, April 24, 2007

modern medicine amazes me.

we have been having infertility issues the past year and a bit. obviously! last week we were referred to a reproductive endocronologist. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the "head hauncho" of infertiltiy. they are the ones who do In Vitro Fertilization. so last week we went to see dr. slayden at reproductive biology associates in lawrenceville. we went with anxious minds and hearts - waiting to hear what exactly was wrong with us and why we aren't able to get - and stay - pregnant. today we went back for our test results and lab work stuff. and we got answers. and while i won't go into the specifics so as to not completely bore you, the bottom line is that we are (here it is!) infertile! but the amazing part is that we are also able to get pregnant!!! well, we are going to undergo treatment to have a baby. and here is where the modern medicine completely blows me away!

first let me say that i will NEVER do IVF. it is fine for some people, but for me and robert, it is unethical and un-moral. (how you like that word, ryan!?) but that said, we do have options. and this month we will begin those options. medications and procedures will hopefully allow us to carry a baby full-term and bring him/her into this world fully healthy!

so on to infertility treatments. here we go....

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I miss you!