Sunday, February 11, 2007

so i had a good day today! it's weird being 25...i don't feel like i'm 25. erin and i were talking about this the other day: when you're young, 23, 24, and 25 seems so old. but now that i'm there, it's strange. in some aspects, i'm right where i thought i'd be at this age. in others, i'm way not where i thought i'd be. but that's okay. i have a great life as it is!

but today was good! i was completely embarrassed in church - thanks, jonathan! then i went to brunch with mom and roni at my ALL TIME FACVORITE restaurant in atlanta: the "top of the tower" westin peachtree plaza. it was FANTABULOUS! and it was a gorgeous day - so the view was beautiful. then we went to the alliance theatre to see "sister act" which was phenomenal!!! LOVED IT! the only thing that would have made today perfect was if my husband was home. but he gets home tomorrow morning! WOO HOOO!!!! can't wait!!!!

well, off to bed i go. goodnight, blogosphere....

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christina said...

Happy (belated) Birthday JILL!!!!!