Saturday, November 04, 2006

today has been awesome!! i had the ultimate (almost) girls day!!! erin and i had plans to go get her hair done - completely! - and i invited elissa to come with us! on the way there, elissa decided she wanted to get her hair cut too. (this is what makes it "almost" the ultimate day - i am the only one who didn't get a haircut. and those of you who know me, know my hair-cutting obsession!!!!) anyway, so while erin was getting herself sexified, elissa and i went to a different salon that had a walk-in available. well, elissa got 9 inches chopped off and donated it to Locks of Love. HOLY CRAP! it was awesome!!!! and what's really cool is that she didn't have to pay for it! because she donated it, the cut was free! so if there's anyone out there in cyberspace who's been considering donating to LOL, maybe that will help convince you! anyway, after the two of them got all sexified, we went window shopping at the new shopping plaza in snellville. it was great! just walking around, having girl talk, laughing at crazy stuff, and not thinking about our respective husbands at home doing who-knows-what! everyone needs a day like today!!!!!

i thought this afternoon couldn't be topped. i was wrong. when i got home, my wonderful, fabulous husband had spent the entire 7 hours i was gone cleaning the house!!!! minus a few minutes here and there to play on the computer. but my house is clean and that feels fabulous!!!!!!!!

anyway - i'm out for now. 7 hours of girl time is enough to exhaust even the strongest shopper! :-)

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happy birthday, jonah!!

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