Thursday, November 16, 2006

so today has been quite a day! first we met with susan to list our house on the market. we now have a FOR SALE sign in our front yard! it's cool!!! then, susan and i went to look at a few houses. i found one that i LOVE and am hoping that robert will like it too when he sees it this weekend. then, after the houses, i went to pick up amelia. went straight to erin's house to hang out for a while. while on our way back from me showing her the house i like (it's really close to her house), i told her that we needed to stop and get a pregnancy test for her. she told me she wasn't pregnant but i made her do it anyway. we got back to her house and WHAM! erin's having another baby!!!!!!! my best friend is having a 3rd baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man -- today has been quite a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christina said...

you're selling your house? miss you :-)