Thursday, November 09, 2006

so it's my excitement of the day/week!!!!!

robert and i decided that we need to cut back on a few bills. so cable, being pretty superfluous in itself, was the first to go. now, for those of you who know me, know my attachment to the TLC channel. so i was dreading 11am today when the cable guy was going to be here. so, the doorbell rings. i answer it. it's the dreaded cable guy. i tell him how upset i am at losing my channel. he goes and takes both my cable boxes and puts them in his truck. he comes back into my house for me to sign the paperwork and as i'm signing he says, "oh, by the way, i didn't really feel like climbing up to put the filter on the cable line so you still have channels 2 - 78 for the basic cable price." WHAT!?!??!?! i freaked out! THAT MEANS I STILL HAVE TLC!!!!!!!!! i was so excited!!!!

(yeah, you can tell i don't have much going on!)

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