Tuesday, September 19, 2006

well, it's the end of an era. after 2 years, 2 moves, 2 TMI's....Fred has finally moved to that fishbowl in the sky. yesterday i cleaned his tank, like normal, b ut about 2 hours later, found him floating, lifeless, at the top of his tank. (i think i got the wrong kind of water conditioner.)

let's take a moment to pay tribute to him:

- he was a great fish, even though he killed all his tankmates
- he was a resilient fish: he lasted this long with me!
- he was a friendly fish: everytime i went to feed him, he came straight to the top of the tank for his food!
- he was a smart fish: refer to the previous line
- he was a pretty fish

well, so long, fred. i'll miss you.

Fred. (ca 2004 - 2006)


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Fred.

elizabeth said...

aww, Fred was the coolest fish! is it fish shopping time now?

Anonymous said...

Ok missy... The Kings sent my season 6 of GG. Next week is the premiere...we need to set and time to get together and have a marathon! - Robin