Wednesday, July 05, 2006

last night we went to the braves game as part of our 4th of july traditions. (it's our 2nd annual game.) they did this really cool thing with a MASSIVE american flag -- i called it a "ken chapman flag". yeah, it was that big.

we weren't playing so well...then it started to rain. we were under cover in the nosebleed section so we didn't go anywhere. we figured we'd be alright under the covering. we were wrong. the rain started blowing in sideways through the back of our seats. we got soaked. but what really sucked is that since we waited to move, and the game was almost sold out, we had nowhere to go to find shelter. we finally found a tunnel to a men's restroom and stood in there with about 50 of our (new) closest friends. it was hilarious. we stood there for a long while until the lightening died down. while we were there, i had a lengthy conversation with a 4 year old who had his face painted the same way i did. he was awesome!!!

anyway - we got home about midnight when the game restarted. we lost.

but it doesn't matter. i LOVE going to braves games!!!!!


Christina said...

awwww, what a fun inependence day tradition! we won last night! yay!.....too close of a call though. Our boys need to get it in gear.

Sheri said...

well hello. how have you been? i will be very close to your house this weekend...will you be in town? i lost your real email (and by real, i mean outside of myspace). send me a note so i have it and let me know what you're up to this weekend.