Tuesday, May 02, 2006

so i just got home from the Young Life Golf Classic 2006. basically a really upscale, fancy fundraiser for our area. bottom line: BIG DEAL! it was a good day --- other than checking people in, collecting their money (aka registration), i was a judge at the 17th hole to see if anyone got a hole-in-one. if they did, they won a brand new lexus. nice, huh?! incidently, no one won this year. bummer....

but on to the real deal: when i got in my car to go home, i got a call from one of my co-workers. she proceeded to say (brace yourself): "Great job, today, Snelson!" i couldn't believe it! i haven't received any encouraging words from her in a 'coons age! (relatively speaking.) so needless to say, i felt great about my job today. which was a strange feeling after feeling crap about it for so long....maybe things are starting to look up.

i also go burnt to a bloody crisp out there today. sunblock does jack.


Christina said...

so glad work was a positive experience today!

Sheri said...

i'm so glad they are seeing you for what you are...a talented woman who brings a lot to that organization. live for Him and work for those great feelings...that's what i try to do.

the day we will reunite is getting closer, i'm sooooo excited!