Sunday, April 23, 2006

so family camp is over...finally! i am so, so, so, so, so glad that erin, luke, and the girls were there. i wouldn't have made it without them. mom came up on saturday. robert was in washington with the national cap band doing his thing. so having erin there was the best thing for me. it was so hard this weekend. my job is getting worse and worse. i am beginning to actually hate it now. something's gotta give soon.

ona brighter note about this weekend: i got to spend some awesome time with erin and the girls. we played all day saturday during free time. they swam and ava sat in the freezing cold creek! my feet were numb being in there --- i don't know how she had her whole body in there! but she didn't want to come out! it was a blessing having them there. they mean so much to me!!!!

i'll post pictures once erin emails them to me.....until then, time to clean my trashed house before my husband gets home.

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Christina said...

I'm glad you got to have some fun this weekend. You are in my prayers!