Sunday, March 26, 2006

"sing and make music..."

so this weekend....

many things happened this weekend. it was our music retreat weekend at our corps. it was music sunday. nicole came into town and stayed with us. sarah and jeff came into town and stayed with us. it was so awesome having all of them here. i want my house to be one that is always open to anyone and i want people to feel comfortable here. if you know my mom, you know how her house was known as "hotel senft"...well, i want our house to be exactly like that. so it was so nice to have people here this weekend. (even though we weren't home much when you were here, nicole. sorry!!!)

the music retreat weekend was really really good. granted, i LOATHE getting up early in the morning, especially on saturdays. but this weekend was really good. musically we were able to get a lot accomplished. but col krommenhoek did a fabulous devotional last night as well.

sarah and jeff had business here. having taken everything that happened over the weekend, the highlight for me was praying with them on saturday afternoon. there's something about praying with the ones you love....sarah and jeff: it was an honor. thank you for that opportunity.

after everything was over, amber and ava came over to the house for aunt jill and uncle robert to babysit for a while. i love being with them!!! they crack me up!!!

and would someone please inform atlanta that spring is here?? it's frickin' freezing here!!!!

well, off to something else. all in all it was a fabulous weekend!!!
hasta lasagna

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