Wednesday, March 22, 2006

random collection of thoughts for this morning

cold weather - pretty orchids.

do you ever feel like you have a lot of stuff to say but nowhere to start?! that's pretty much where i am right now. lots going place to get into it.

sarah and jeff are coming to town this weekend. i am so excited to see them! it's been way too long. but this weekend is also music weekend at temple and i have to play "wife of the bandmaster" and go to dinner with the krommenhoeks on friday AND on sunday. i guess it's not that bad....i'd just rather spend the time with sarah.

so apparently its spring now. no one told atlanta.

work is good. i love working for young life. its so nice to finally have a job where people respect what i do. plus i'm learning a lot -- mostly in the financial arena, which, if you know me you know how not suited for that i am! but its really encouraging when the guy who is training me says, "hey, snelson, you're really good at this! have you thought about going to school to be an accountant?" (and he was being serious!) too funny.....

i cancelled my appointment with the orthodontist. we've got bigger fish to fry than me getting braces right now. (more on that later...) so i guess i'll have to deal with my crooked teeth. but hey, they add character!!!!!!

so, i'm totally addicted to cheez-its at work now. i have those and a diet coke everyday, all day. how bad is that?! not a good idea in the fight to lose weight for sarahs wedding. but i just can't help's that darn lack of self-control....

well, i guess that's it for now. have a fabulous day.

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sarah said...

.....cause you NEED more character.....!

can't wait to see you guys this weekend. glad we got to chat today. :-)