Saturday, March 18, 2006

hammock season

so it's getting to be my favorite time of the year: HAMMOCK SEASON!!! we went to aunt emma's 90th birthday party at the corps today. we got home around 2 and it was so nice, i went to lay in the hammock we got on our honeymoon. (it's nice: lime green and yellow handmade south american hammock!!!!!) anyway, i laid down at 2 and woke up at 5:10. it was so nice out....i loved it!!!!!

moving on....we are currently working on a new home-improvement project: remodeling our master bathroom. i am really excited about this prospect. and no, we are not going to use pros to help. we don't have that kind of money. but we do have friends who know how to do this, so that's where we are going to start. i can't wait to redo our bathroom: it's so small! if we take the tub out and put a stand up shower in, it will open the room up so much! new tiles on the floor and wall will help so much....everything in this house is original to it, so that makes it all about 30 years old. not very pretty. but the thing that really surprises me is that robert is actually going for it! i thought he'd just throw my suggestion out the window, but he liked it! he thought it was a good idea!!! WOO HOOOO!!! i'm so excited -- soon we'll have a new bathroom!!!!!


Nicole said...

How come I had no idea you had a blog!?!? I'm clueless...

The baby pic scared me when I first opened the site...I was like Jill is having a baby and she didn't freakin' tell me! But then I read on...I'm much more relieved that I know the truth...and when the day comes I will be over joyed for you! I'm praying.

I love you!

Monica said...

Hey girl! Glad you found my site so I could find yours!! :-) Didn't know you got married (a little out of touch - yeah) but now that I know - I can see you guys together. It's nice. :-) Tell your mom hey for me. Love ya! Monica